Idly/sambar idly 5.99

Steamed rice cake served with 3 flavoured chutney and sambar/immersed in sambar.

Medhu vada/sambar vada 5.99

Cumin and ginger and green chilly infused savoury lentil donuts served crispy/immersed in sambar.

Andhra special mirchi bhajji 7.99

Deep fried mild chilli peppers stuffed with tamarind peanut masala and sesame seed.

Salt & Pepper baby corn 6.99

Immature ears of corn tossed in wholesome flavor of salt and pepper sauce.

Vegetable spring roll (4 pcs) 7.99

A crispy fried delectable appetizer filled with a delicious stuffing of vegetable.

Vegetable samosa 3.99

A flaky crust made of flour and filled with potatoes and peas.

Madras special chicken 65 9.99

Boneless chicken marinated with special blend of spices fried crispy.

Kariveppila spicy fish 9.99

Fillet fish marinated with curry leaves flavoured spices and deep fried.

Fish 65 9.99

Alluring boneless fish marinated with household spices and deep fried.

Chicken lollypop (6 pcs) 9.99

Popular Indo Chinese hors d’oeuvre tossed in spicy garlic sauce.

Spicy crumb fried chicken wings 9.99

Tender fried calamari tossed in wonder concoction of spicy sauce.

Lunch Special (Dine-In Only)

(Mon to Fri 11am to 3 pm. Sat & Sun 11 am to 4pm)

Chefs special Vegetarian Thali 12.99
Chefs special Non Vegetarian Thali 13.99


Rasam 4.25

South Indian broth made with tamarind extract, tomatoes, cumin and pepper.

Hot and sour soup veg/chicken 4.99/5.99

Mandarin broth with all six basic flavoured are incorporated deftly.

Chicken coriander soup/veg 5.99/4.99

Broth and coriander evenly balanced by the zest of spices.

Sweet corn soup veg/chicken 4.99/5.99

Creamy soup made with crushed and whole sweet corn.


Kachumber salad 3.99

Medley of freshly chopped vegetable tossed with chef special dressing.

Kids Specials

Chocolate dosa 4.99
Cheese dosa 5.99
Cone dosa 5.99

Chef Specials

Poori masala (2pcs) 9.99

Fried fluffy whole wheat bread served with potato masala.

Paratha khorma (2pcs) 10.99

Delicious south Indian layered bread served with veg coconut base sauce.

Channa batura (2pcs) 10.99

Fluffy fried bread served with chick peas curry.

Madras spice mini combo 10.99

Idly, vada, masala dosa and kesari.

Madurai special kothu paratha 10.99

Delicacy of popular south side beaten up and minced paratha with veg and salna. (Add Egg 0.99 chicken 2.99 mutton 3.99)


Masala Uthappam 9.99
Onion Tomato Chilly Uthappam 9.99
Mix Veg uthappam 9.99

Dosa Varieties

Plain Dosa 6.99
Masala Dosa 8.25
Kal Dosa 9.99
Paper Masala Dosa 9.99
Ghee Dosa 8.99
Ghee Masala Dosa 9.99
Pudina Masala Dosa 9.99
Mysore Masala Dosa 9.99
Spinach Masala Dosa 9.99
Spring Veg Dosa 9.99
Hyderabadi Dosa 9.99
Chilli Panner Dosa 10.99
Panner Burji Dosa 10.99
Madras Spice Special Dosa 10.99
Cheese Chilli Dosa 11.99
Egg Dosa 10.99
Chicken Chettinadu Dosa 11.99
Mutton Sukha Dosa 12.99
Onion Rava Dosa 10.25

Madras spice curries

(All curries are served with rice and bread. )

Chicken chettinadu 13.99

A South Indian chicken curry made with 14 different Indian spices freshly ground.

Madras spice chicken curry 13.99

A strongly flavored South Indian inspired dish using coconut and special spices.

Naadan kozhi curry 13.99

Traditional Kerala style mouth-watering chicken curry.

Kodi vepudu 13.99

Hot and spicy Guntur style chicken made with fresh ground masala.

Madras spice fish curry 13.99

South Indian home style fish curry with finger licking taste.

Fish moilee 13.99

Fillet of fish simmered in coconut base turmeric gravy.

Karaikudi goat curry 14.99

Mutton with bone marinated in spicy mixture and authentically cooked in chettinadu style.

Mutton coconut fry 14.99

Slowly cooked mutton with full of flavourful coconut masala.

Goat / Lamb Chettinadu 14.99

A South Indian mutton with bone / boneless curry made with 14 different Indian spices freshly ground.

Madras spice Lamb curry 14.99

Meaty lamb cooked exceptionally well in a delicious blend of aromatic spices and flavors.

Mutton pepper masala 14.99

Strongly flavoured mutton roasted in pepper infused ground masala.

Malabar mutton khorma 14.99

Succulent and delicious mutton pieces in spicy thick coconut gravy.

Gongura Mutton 14.99

Spicy mutton curry cooked with distinctive taste of gongura or sorrel leaves.

Coorg goat curry 14.99

Yarch nad kanne is a speciality coorg mutton with bone cooked in spicy curry.

Madras spice Shrimp curry 14.99

Subtle and richly flavored prawn curry prepared with coconut milk.

Biryani specials

Biryani is an exotic preparation of marinated meat or vegetable mixed with basmati rice, lavished of spices, herbs and saffron slowly cooked to perfection.

Veg biryani 10.99
Egg biryani 11.99
Chicken biryani 13.99
Lamb /Goat biryani 14.99

North Indian specials

(All curries are served with rice and bread. )

Butter chicken masala 13.99

Mild chicken cooked in a cashew and tomato gravy with cream and butter.

Mughalai chicken 13.99

Succulent pieces of chicken cooked with lots of spices and condiments in rich gravy.

Kadai chicken/Lamb/Goat 13.99/14.99

Mild flavoured enticing meat dish cooked with spices and capsicum.

Chicken/lamb vindaloo 12.99/14.99

Meat marinated in vinegar and cooked with potato in goan spicy curry.

Lamb saag / chicken saag 14.99/13.99

Meat made with fresh spinach in curry sauce.

Lamb pasanda 14.99

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a cashewnut creamy sauce with saffron flavour.

Vegetarian Speciality

(All curries are served with rice and bread. )

Kadai bhindi 10.99

Diced Okra cooked with onion and capsicum in tomato base sauce.

Bindi pulikuzhambu 10.99

Bindi cooked in specially prepared gravy with blend of garlic, tomatoes and tamarind.

Palak paneer 10.99

Homemade cheese made with spinach and cream to perfection.

Madras spice veg curry 10.99

Vegetables blended with flavourful spices simmered in rich creamy curry.

Malai koftha 11.25

Croquettes of veg and homemade cheese cooked with cashewnut, cream and spices.

Paneer butter masala 10.99

Cubes of succulent homemade cheese simmered in creamy tomato butter gravy with fenugreek leaves.

Kadai panner 10.99

Mild flavoured enticing paneer dish cooked with spices and capsicum.

Vegetable khorma 10.99

Stew of assorted vegetables simmered in thick cashew sauce.

Eggplant Curry 10.99

Flavourful and aromatic baingain curry prepared with coarsely ground spices.

Dhal makhani 10.99

Three varieties of lentils simmered in creamy tomato and butter gravy.

Indo Chinese (chefs special)

Chilly paneer 10.99

Dice of paneer marinated and tossed in chilly sauce.

Gobi Manchurian (gravy/dry) 10.99

Batter fried crispy cauliflower with spicy tangy sauce.

Veg Manchurian (gravy/dry) 11.25

Batter fried vegetable balls stir fried in spicy tangy sauce

Chicken Manchurian 13.99

Chicken marinated and deep fried and cooked with spicy tangy sauce.

Madras spice chilli chicken 13.99

Chefs special a must try dish.

Szechuan chicken spicy 13.99

Chicken cooked with Szechuan chilli sauce.

Szechuan style spicy fish 13.99

Fillet of fish batter fried and tossed in Szechuan sauce.

Rice and noodles

Veg fried rice 10.99
Egg fried rice (shanghai style) 11.99

(Add chicken $2)

Shrimp fried rice 13.99
Veg noodle 10.99

Chicken marinated and deep fried and cooked with spicy tangy sauce.

Egg noodle 11.99

(Add chicken $2)

Side orders

Rice 2.50
Raitha 1.99
Papadam 0.99
Paratha 2.50
Naan 1.50
Chapatti (2) 3.99


Hot gulab jamoon w/ vanilla ice cream 3.99

Deep fried milk cheese balls soaked in flavoured sugar syrup.

Vermicille Payasam 3.99

Rich and tasty kheer made with roasted vermicille, milk and sugar.

Mango Kesari 3.99

Sweet delicacy of south india prepared with sooji and flavoured with mango.

Rasamalai (2) 3.99

Soft and spongy cottage cheese patties dipped in dry fruit laced saffron flavored creamy milk rabri.

Healthy fresh juices & drinks

Watermelon juice 4.99
Pineapple juice 4.99
Sweet lassi 3.99
Mango lassi 3.99
Filter coffee 3.50
Masala chai 2.99
Pop 1.49

Please inform our staffs if you are allergic to any food products. As we try our best to meet your dietary requirement, we cannot guarantee that certain foods are completely free from traces.